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Emily B.

emily3February 11, 2012 started as a bittersweet day for me. Emily B., stylist and cast member of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop, was scheduled to appear at Headlines By De’Franco for an event. But since it was February in Cleveland, you can pretty much guess the weather situation. Her flight had been delayed and we weren’t sure if she’d even make it. On top of that, we were all saddened by the news of Whitney Houston’s passing. It was shaping up to be a rough one and I had to find a way to turn things around.

Emily’s plane finally landed. Before she could come over to the shop, I had to meet her at her hotel and touch up her hair. That meant a drive in the good ol’ Cleveland winter. No matter how many times you’ve lived through one of our winters, it’s still something you never get used to. With some skill and solid nerves, I made it downtown.

You notice Emily’s natural beauty the second you meet her. She’s laid back and easy to work with. It didn’t take much to get her ready. She has long, beautiful hair already, so we kept it simple and let it flow. I wanted to make sure she could handle the elements and still remain fly. I accomplished my mission and it was back out into the cold to go and get ready for the evening.

What could have been a bad day all around turned into a great night. The event at Headlines was a success and Emily B. was a hit with our guests. She connected with everyone and made sure she took lots of pictures before she left. Once business was complete, we made room for some fun. The weather had calmed down, so I was able to show her a good time around the city. Our last stop was Fortress, a Cleveland nightclub, for the VIP treatment. With everything that was mounted up against me that day, I never got too rattled. I kept my focus on the job and the end result was a happy client and more good memories.