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Evelyn Lozada

IMG_6834I was in LA during the weekend of the BET Awards when I received the call to style a new client, none other Evelyn Lozada of the VH1 reality series Basketball Wives. She and her daughter, Shaniece, were staying at the W Hotel in Hollywood, and they needed to be red carpet ready. I was already up for the job, and since they were staying at my favorite hotel it was that much better.

I arrived on location, ready to work. We all introduced ourselves and began to get acquainted with one another. From the jump, Ms. Lozada is exactly as she was on the show. She’s very friendly, but you can tell she’s also a no-nonsense person. This was also around the time she was engaged to NFL star Ocho Cinco, so you can only imagine the conversations floating around in that room. Details galore, but a lady never tells! And in the midst of all this, it was still easy to see that her relationship with Shaniece is healthy and loving. The two shared plenty of good exchanges, hugs and laughs. It was a wonderful atmosphere.

IMG_6835After we all got settled, Evelyn expressed she wanted to try something new with her hair. She showed me a picture of Jennifer Lopez, explaining that she was the inspiration for the direction. It was a full look made of huge curls, something Evelyn had never worn before. And with her face being narrower, the curls alone wouldn’t do. By pinning the front curls, I was able to open up and accent her face in a better way. Evelyn already has a full head of hair down to her back, but I still added extensions to make it even fuller. With Shaniece’s hair being exactly like her mother’s, styling her was fun and easy. We went with a long fishtail braid, keeping it appropriate for her age, but still giving her a touch of glam.

The ladies were finally done and it was time for them to head to the show. I truly enjoyed working with both Evelyn and Shaniece. Evelyn is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and she’s very generous. We took plenty of pics, but the photographer at the time (who shall remain nameless!) claimed they couldn’t send any over because they were all ‘too blurry’. However, I was able to find this picture of the two as they walked the red carpet together. It never gets old seeing your work displayed on a national level and I look forward to meeting and styling Evelyn again soon.